What We Do

We specialise in providing responsive and cost effective services for dogs, cats and small animals in Coventry.

Before you make your first booking we will visit you in your home to introduce ourselves, answer any questions you might have, take some basic information from you and, most importantly, meet and greet your pet(s). The purpose of this free, no obligation consultation is for you to confirm that you are happy to trust us with your pet(s) and for us to decide exactly which of the services we provide will be most appropriate for you.

Choose How You Want Us to Care for Your Pet!

Are you looking for someone to walk your dog for you, do you need someone to pop-in at lunchtime (or even several times per day) whilst you are at work to look after your cat, dog or puppy, or are you looking for a mature, trustworthy person with a wealth of experience to move into your home whilst you are away? You choose how we can best help you care for your pet (and your home) in your absence.

Dog Walking

Dogs are walked individually, or in pairs from the same house, to ensure that every dog gets the one-to-one attention it deserves and the type and level of exercise it needs - in a safe and environmentally aware manner. Each walk is either 30 minutes or 60 minutes in length and two sessions can be booked for the same day (morning & evening).

Lunch Time Pop In Service for Dogs

Our Lunch Time Pop-In service for Dogs is designed to give your dog a comfort break, some exercise and some fuss at lunchtime. Each visit is of 15 minutes duration,

Pop-In Service for Cats and small animals

Dependant upon the number of animal friends you have and the amount of time you would like devoted to them each day our Pop-In Services provide for one or two (morning & evening) visits per day, every day of your absence from home. 30 minute or 60 minute duration options are available - determined by the number and types of your pets and by how much fuss you want them to have whilst you are not home to give it to them yourself.

Sitting-In Service for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals

Whilst you are away I´ll stay in your house overnight with your dog(s), cat(s) and small animals and I´ll also visit them several times during the day.

Example Pricing

Dog Walking

Solo Walk - 30 minutes


Solo Walk - 60 minutes


Pop-In Service for Cats and small animals

2 x 15 mins per day


2 x 30 mins per day


Lunch Time Pop In Service for Dogs

15 minutes


Overnight Sitting-In Service for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals



For a free Quote

Please contact us by telephone or Whatsapp on 0798 105 2136 or by email at


Buzz's reaction to Ollie being attacked

Meet Ollie (rear) , Buzz (centre) and Hector. Ollie and Buzz are Dalmations (a breed known for its high guarding instincts) and have been housemates and friends for a number of years. They have recently been joined by a rescue dog, Hector, a Cocker Spaniel. Ollie and Buzz had always been great lovers of walks with their owner and had always been friendly and welcoming to other dogs until, one day, Ollie was attacked by a loose dog whilst they were being walked by their owner. From this point Buzz changed and, when being walked, would bare her teeth and bark and jump at any dogs he saw - whether they were on leads or loose. The owner could not cope with this behaviour and contacted me to ask if I could start walking the dogs for her and, whilst doing so, try to resolve whatever was the problem with Buzz. I walked the dogs and had no problem with either dog, both of whom were very happy to be out walking and comfortable meeting other dogs, although it was apparent that each time Buzz saw another dog she sought guidance from me as to how she should react. I asked the owner to walk the dogs with me observing, and sure enough every time Buzz saw another dog she immediately started to react aggressively. The following day I asked the owner to observe me walking Buzz and Ollie together and she could not believe the difference in Buzz's behaviour. I explained that from what I had observed the day before what was happening was that as soon as she saw another dog she tensed and started worrying about what was going to happen. Buzz, sensing her anxiety, whilst not actually bothered by the other dog herself , was reacting aggressively because of the owner's anxiety and body language in order to protect her from the other dog.. Also, having observed their walk, I suggested to the owner that she would almost certainly find it easier to walk Buzz with a Halter collar - which would give her much more control - rather than continuing with the head collar she was used to wearing.Having selected a Halter Collar the correct size for Buzz I worked with the owner to ensure that she could fit it correctly. We then did a couple of walks together, with me walking Buzz, with the Halter Collar and the owner walking Ollie, so that she could seee how to walk a dog on a Halter. These walks achieved two things, firstly the owner learnt how to walk a dog on a Halter and secondly, seeing that there were no longer any issues with Buzz meeting other dogs her confidence returned and she stopped panicking. We followed these walks with a couple of final walks with the owner walking both Ollie and Buzz, with me observing. The result - one happy owner and two happy dogs - so, job done. A few months later I got another call from the owner to say that her new rescue dog, Hector, was displaying some troubling signs and could I help - but that's another story..


We are fully insured and Security Checked. Our PetPlan insurance policy covers injury to animals in our care due to negligence, key and extensive public liability insurance.  In addition to being fully CRB checked, your keys, when not in use, are held in a key safe without any details of your name or address.

To run a business boarding dogs and/or cats in Coventry you require a licence under the The Animal Welfare (Licencing of Activities Involving Animals)(England) Regulations 2018.  As there are already a number of well established, properly licensed, highly professional organisations in and around Coventry providing these services Purrfick-4-Paws does not offer Boarding Services

At Purrfick-4_Paws we believe that to ensure your best friend gets the maximum benefit and enjoyment from his/her walks he/she needs to get the undivided attention of his walker.  We therefore only walk dogs singly or with other dogs from the same house.

Our Pop-In Service is available for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and small caged animals (eg rabbits, rodents and reptiles). We can provide a single Pop-In visit or multiple visits during the day to meet your best friends’ requirements and in addition to feeding, watering, cleaning out and generally providing loving attention we are also certified and insured to administer medication should it be necessary.